Database Enhancement Techniques to Boost Your Business

Database Enhancement Techniques to Boost Your Business

Every company needs to maintain some data that reads about the company revenues. Like the number of customers, sales, security, business management and other resources. These data are not only important but, there lies the secret to maintaining the reputation of a business. Thus, it is necessary to read and analyze these data so that you can turn them to your advantage.

This is where Database Enhancement comes into play. It takes all these data and analyzes them to give it meaning. Then with the help of it, you can satisfy the existing customers and attract new ones.

How It Can Help You?

Businesses have to face a lot of problems, doesn’t matter whether it is service or product oriented. Challenges related to production, sales, financial, service, etc. To overcome these challenges, it is important to track and analyze the data to track potential customers and convert them.

Data Enhancing techniques makes the process easier. Data are collected from different outsources, different companies have different approaches. Like B2B companies use firmographic or employee data, while B2C Telemarketing Companies in UK use purchase data or demographics.

What Data Enhancement Consists of?

The first step of data enhancement is purging of data, that is removing all unwanted or duplicate data.

Then comes the validating part, where email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, etc are validated.

The last step consists of the completion of the data by adding different external sources, both public and private.

Some of the Best Data Enhancing Techniques – 

Implementation of effective marketing strategies is the key for business. That is why companies are working on ways to enhance Data collection technologies. Here are some of the most common and sure-shot techniques used by organisations – 

  • Internet technology – As the use of the internet has significantly increased, web marketers use this to their advantage. They use the internet to collect data from their customers through the help of the internet. There are two types of data collection techniques, active and passive. In an active data collection, a customer is directly asked for the data from sources. In passive, data is collected indirectly through surveys. Web marketers also use cookies to track the behaviour, history, and search patterns of their customers.
  • Mobile Technology – Mobile has certainly become an essential part of our everyday life. Thus, using mobile resources to collect internet data is actually a smart choice. Personal cellphones contain rich data of customer interaction, behaviour, and shopping preferences.
  • GPS – One of the Accurate Data Enhancement Services, data can be obtained using the Global Positioning System(GPS). It helps to track the preferences and behaviours of a customer. Moreover, it helps to track the places the person visits, so that they can get an idea about their local competitors in the market. The rich data obtained from GPS can be further divided into more types depending on their pieces of information.
  • Survey Tool – Using online survey tools, one can get an idea about a person directly. It is a direct approach, where multiple questions are asked, that is relevant to the company’s marketing goals.

Why Choose Us?

Mahe Technologies have been working with some of the most popular Telemarketing Companies in the UK. That is why we can assure our customers with the best in-depth knowledge of customers.

If you are looking for the best solution to drive traffic and attract more and more customers, you should consult with us. We have some of the best teams to analyze important factors such as marketing status, propensity to add products, likelihood to attrite, channel preferences, etc.


Since customers’ behaviours keep changing from time to time, data also needs to be updated, thus Data Enhancement is a priority!

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