Top 5 Social Media Marketing Agency in the UK

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Agency in the UK

As per a report published in August 2020, 50% of the global population uses social media. From accessing information, staying updated with the latest news to socializing, netizens rely on social media sites for these. Social Media Marketing can bring in more lucrative business opportunities, cutting across geographical boundaries. 

The product promotions featured on social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest attract buyer’s attention more than that telecasted on TV or displayed on banners.

A Few Interesting Statistical Facts & Figures on Social Media

  • There are 3.96 billion active social media users. 
  • 99% of these active social media users access the sites from their mobile phones. 
  • Facebook and YouTube are market leaders among other popular social media platforms. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn also enjoy massive popularity. 
  • The younger generation specifically is keen on researching products/services online via social media platforms.

The list can go on but these 4 are the primary ones that a business owner needs to focus on.

A Glimpse of Social Media Marketing Benefits

A brand owner cannot underestimate the significance of social media marketing in 

  • Capturing attention and attracting viewers
  • Generating warm leads
  • Establishing rapport by engaging with the targeted audience
  • Increasing and spreading brand awareness
  • E-marketing 
  • Effective channel to provide customer service

All these are highly instrumental in increasing the success quotient of your online business.

Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media marketing will continue to be a dominating tool of digital marketing for years to come. It enjoys a distinguished status in giving a competitive edge in your business domain. 

To reap the benefits faster and better, professional assistance of a social media marketing agency is necessary. There are several social media marketing agencies cropping up like mushrooms. Not all of them can plan and strategically implement the trending social media tactics for expanding your reach. They do not deserve your attention. 

This article aims at easing your job by finding you the top-rated social media service providers in a nutshell. 

We have conducted a bit of research to zero down to the top 5 Social Media Marketing Agency from a pool of options available. The examples given here might convince your next collaboration to ease your struggle with social presence. Let us know who they are.

1. Mahe Technologies


Mahe Technologies

A renowned and highly reliable brand, Mahe Technologies has years of experience in the social media marketing domain. The company offers a diverse range of digital marketing solutions apart from SM marketing. It applies smart but neat strategies to establish more engaging communities. 

Mahe can help you in ensuring proper content development, community management, conduct an ROI analysis, etc. The social media marketing agency will help you with Paid social and social media monitoring for ensuring the best possible outcomes. It has been enjoying the confidence of its clients for assisting them in fulfilling their SMM goals quicker.

They have a strong and impactful portfolio of case studies. Also, have experience in running social media marketing campaigns across different niches. You can invest your faith in their experience and expertise. 

In addition to SMM, Mahe Technologies is equally an expert service provider of content creation, market research, content management system, website, and responsive design services, etc.

2. Business Designz

Social Media Marketing Agency

Business Design is one of the most sought after digital marketing agencies, specializing in the social media marketing niche. The agency has gained widespread success acro a diverse range of industries. It works with a team of highly-skilled, creative, and dynamic professionals with considerable experience in the domain. 

Integrating reliable data and creativity for launching impactful social media marketing campaigns for years now, can do justice to your SMM goals. Business Designz creates highly engaging content that captures and sustains the attention of targeted audiences. 

It keeps all your social media handles updated with new textual and graphical content. Establish proper communication to expand the community reach. It maintains full transparency where you know how many hours and how much funds spent on your portfolio and what the outcomes are. 

Besides social media marketing, Business Designz also excels in customized web development, web design, and other aspects of digital marketing (PPC, SEO, & CRO).

3. Finest SEO Agency

Finest seo agency

A reputed digital marketing agency in the UK, it enjoys the support of the clients it served recently. They have to their credit several highly rewarding social media campaigns, strategized and run for different types of businesses. 

It also offers personalized and top-notch SEO optimization services, web development, app development, and as such other specialized ones. The company possesses years of experience in the domain and have worked with many new start-ups. 

Working with a team of experienced professional experts, they facilitate realizing the goals real quick.

4. The Good Marketer 

The Good Marketer

Counted among the top-ranked social media agencies in the UK, The Good Marketer has achieved mass popularity to secure a place in our list. It also offers a host of other custom-made digital marketing solutions. 

Working with a proactive team of experienced professionals, they know how to strategize the campaign and implement tactics to make it a successful event. Affordability and flexibility are their hallmarks. 

The Good Marketer specializes in doing SEO, Facebook and Instagram advertising, Google advertising, and Email Marketing. This social media marketing agency has collaborated with several small businesses as well.

5. Enveritas Group 

Enveritas Group 

Enveritas Group is a popular name in the domain of social media marketing in the UK. They emphasize the importance of content, both textual and graphical, in turning prospects into actual customers.

Ranked positively among the best social media marketing companies in the UK, it enjoys the support of clients it served recently. Enveritas Group has collaborated with several business brands to leverage their social media campaigns.

Final Words

It will be a suicidal decision to ignore the importance of social media marketing in the trade and commerce sector. Both small business owners and big shots in the domain need to direct their e-marketing campaigns towards social networking sites or platforms. 

Following the suggestions of inexperienced people, checking the YouTube tutorial videos on SMM will not be enough for realizing the goals. Let a professional manage and monitor your social media marketing targets for prominent outcomes. 

Hopefully, the examples here helped you decide which agency to approach for collaborating your SMM projects with!

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