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Call/Contact Centre Software Worth Investing in 2021

Telemarketing companies and agencies are cropping up like mushrooms these days everywhere. Many survive the competition, some are forced out due to the fierce competition or inability to change with time. The need of the hour is to embrace the latest technological implications. In the telemarketing and call centre domain also the adoption of new-age […]

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How the Best BPO Organizations Attempt to Secure Your Data

Safety and privacy are much talked about issues in an age where data is breached time and again by different organizations. The breach of data by conglomerates like Facebook has very recently shocked the world. At this time, the common people naturally would be concerned about the safety of the data that they share on […]

Things To Avoid in Outbound Telemarketing

Actions You Should Avoid in Outbound Telemarketing Campaigns

Outbound Telemarketing is a strategy where you should take efforts to target your service to the audience and be accurate in preparing a proposal for sale through the phone. Committing even a small mistake is not acceptable at a marketing exercise like this. Why Outbound Telemarketing? Though there are no specific rules to continue the […]

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How To Project Yourself Positively to Your Customers Over Phone?

Voicing a brand or a service over the phone is an art. This art is not something that one is born with. It is more of an acquired talent. With proper training and practise one gradually excels in this art of voicing a brand artistically for profitable collaboration. Telemarketing Services enables the brand owner to […]

Top Elements of a successful call center Agency

Elements That Can Make Your Agency the Best BPO Organization

Telemarketing is the marketing need of the hour for several companies. No matter how many years the company has been operating or how reputed it is among the customers, the basic way of promoting one’s own company is telemarketing. The telemarketing process on which the whole promotional campaign depends is known as B2C telemarketing service […]

Top Tips on Outbound Telemarketing

Top Tips on Outbound Telemarketing: Telemarketers Pay Attention!

Telemarketing is taking the marketing sector by storm and we cannot question its popularity. It is obvious because of its undeniable contributions towards stretching the scope to sell better. A personalized and highly interactive way to market your offerings, it hardly goes topsy-turvy. Voicing your marketing efforts and convincing the targets to be your paying […]

B2C Telemarketing Agency Should Nurture Upon

Underrated Skills that Your B2C Telemarketing Agency Should Nurture Upon

Telemarketing is a job that mostly requires communication skills and impeccable knowledge of the pronunciation and diction of the language that is being spoken on the call. The perfect blend of the two qualities may land you a successful sale. While training your telemarketing agents, you have to be careful about what they are being […]

Affordable Telemarketing Agent for A B2C Telemarketing Services

How Important is A Professional Telemarketing Agent for A B2C Telemarketing Service?

In the world of telemarketing, there is always a need for qualified staff. Be it the caller or the trainer, everyone has to show their prowess of the top quality to make their performance count and become an asset of the company. Agents Are Valuable: Without the quality demonstrated by the agents, a telemarketing agency […]

Telemarketing, Data Enhancement, & eCommerce by Mahe Check Out the Trends!

Telemarketing, Data Enhancement, & eCommerce by Mahe: Check Out the Trends!

Directing your marketing campaign to online platforms is a mandate now if surviving fierce competition is desirable. Business owners, big shots or startups, all resort to digital marketing for survival and expansion. Digital marketing lays the foundation standing on which your business can survive, expand, and grow in this new age. Telemarketing services are gifts […]

What To Ask a B2C Telemarketing Agency For Your Business?

What To Ask a B2C Telemarketing Agency For Your Business?

As you know, the impact of telemarketing is immense, no matter what kind of business you are indulged in. Telemarketing with the right kind of staff and technical assistance can open the right doors for you for a smooth way of doing business. Telemarketing is one of the basic marketing exercises with which you can […]