A BPO Company Explained in Detail: Types & Advantages

A BPO Company Explained in Detail: Types & Advantages

Outsourcing main and secondary business processing requirements to a third-party service provider is what BPO is all about. At a call centre, BPO suggests a team of skilled calling agents (outsourced) tracking incoming/outgoing calls for another business.

It becomes necessary to look for a BPO company when your set-up and resources do not allow managing one independently.

Let us know more about BPO and relevant services here.

What is a BPO? 

Subcontracting different business operation to a third-party vendor is Business Process Outsourcing. The third-party service provider carries out the business functionalities on behalf of the actual company. It can be both for back office and front office job tasks.

The front office operations include customer support, sales, marketing, customer surveys and all. The back-office operations include IT services, payment processing tasks, HR responsibilities, and others.

Do You Know About the Types of BPO? 

There are primarily three types of BPOs that we categorize as per their geographical location. How? Let’s learn it here

Onshore Outsourcing or Domestic Outsourcing

Onshore Outsourcing or Domestic Outsourcing

The very name clearly indicates what the definition might be. When your company appoints a third-party service provider within the boundary of the nation, it is Onshore or Domestic outsourcing.

Offshore Outsourcing

Opposite to the Onshore definition, Offshore Outsourcing suggests hiring the services of a third-party service provider based in a foreign country. In brief, it is popular as offshoring.

Nearshore Outsourcing 

It is a unique mixing of the above two. When your organization seeks business processing services of a third-party vendor located in neighbouring nations, it is nearshore outsourcing.

Now, Categorization of Outsourcing As Per Functionalities 

As per the types of services one might outsource to a third-party vendor, we can further classify outsourcing.

IT Outsourcing

Subcontracting the IT requirement of a company to a third-party service providing agency is common now. One can outsource just a significant fraction or maybe the entire requirements.

It facilitates the company to deliver IT-enabled application service and business process services. It also helps with infrastructure solutions. It is like entrusting another service provider with a part of your in-house software development projects.

Professional Outsourcing 

Seeking third-party help in the domains of information technology, accounting tasks, and product sales falls under this type. It is like a few extra skilled professionals add more value to your existing team of experts.

Your company get to benefit from the merit and experience of highly qualified domain-specific professional experts. It is ideal for handling your seasonal project requirements.

Process Outsourcing 

It is yet another type of outsourcing. Process outsourcing involves entrusting the third-party vendor with domain-specific operational responsibility. Business process outsourcing or BPO is a prominent example of this outsourcing category.

Telemarketing, customer survey, and customer support are all examples of Business Process outsourcing.

Project Outsourcing

As the very name suggests, it is outsourcing a few of your projects or any specific project to a third-party project management agency.

It is specifically useful when your in-house team does not have the requisite resources or knowledge to handle a specific project.

Industry-specific Manufacture Outsourcing 

When a company decides to entrust their manufacturing unit to a better-experienced manufacturing agency, it is known as manufacture outsourcing.  It is needless to mention that such manufacturing projects are always industry-specific.

A bakery shop definitely will not outsource its manufacturing requirements to an oil refinery. It is always industry-specific.

Now, it is clear to our readers the different types of outsourcing popular these days. We discussed precisely, in brief, to help readers understand, and not get overburdened with details.

As we are done with learning the various categorization of outsourcing let’s proceed with studying the advantages.

Why Hiring BPO Services Become Necessary

Why Hiring BPO Services Become Necessary? 

It is crucial to know what are the main reasons behind outsourcing becoming heavily popular nowadays. Exactly what the advantages are that convince business owners to opt for it.

You get to focus on other main activities

Outsourcing some portion of your business responsibilities enable one to focus on other core functionalities. One need not get overburdened with all business activities heavily.

It saves operational cost significantly 

Cost reduction is one of the biggest benefits that business owners get to facilitate from outsourcing their tasks. No need to hire calling agents and expensive customer support/survey tools.

Outsource your B2C Telemarketing Services and enjoy the benefits, without drilling a hole inside the pocket. Trigger down the overhead cost considerably with outsourcing.

Access and Advantage from the Services of a Better Agency 

Who will gain when a reputed agency specializing in certain core business functionalities apply their technical know-how and expertise in your project?

Needless to say, it is you who will benefit a lot from their cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices. Outsourcing often increases your business productivity to an attractive extent.

Understanding the Advantages through Mahe Technologies 

For example, Mahe Technologies is a reputed BPO outsourcing company. It specializes in Telemarketing, Customer Survey, Data Enhancement Services, Market Research and more.

When you entrust your telemarketing or other tasks with Mahe, you get the scope to focus on other important business activities. Mahe experts handle your project with utmost professional sincerity. It helps you to invest the expenses you saved on other core functionalities.

Mahe Technologies possess the resources necessary for delivering industry-grade telemarketing and other relevant services. From skilled and well-trained agents/callers to the equipment, it has all to handle the project with greater efficiency. It focuses on understanding your requirements and deliver customized solutions for the best possible outcomes.

How does it get to do it? Its because it focuses on telemarketing, BPO processing tasks only. It is diverting its attention and aiming its efforts at a specialized service only.

It enables the Mahe experts to improve their offerings and cultivate more productivity in what they do.

Also, you get to reduce your operation cost. The service cost you give to Mahe is far lesser than what an in-house team would have cost you. From all sides, outsourcing is indeed a lucrative option for a startup and even big corporate houses. Small business owners would advantage more from it.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, the explanation here helped you all to know how outsourcing is beneficial to business owners. Small business owners and startups will advantage further from this arrangement. The different types of outsourcing and the primary benefits are worth learning about, isn’t it?

People who are recently acquainting themselves with outsourcing arrangement will find the blog useful. Let us know in the comment section below your opinion.

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