Call/Contact Centre Software Worth Investing in 2021

Call/Contact Centre Software Worth Investing in 2021

Telemarketing companies and agencies are cropping up like mushrooms these days everywhere. Many survive the competition, some are forced out due to the fierce competition or inability to change with time.

The need of the hour is to embrace the latest technological implications. In the telemarketing and call centre domain also the adoption of new-age technology is crucial for progress.

Outbound telemarketing services by b2c telemarketing companies need to undergo automation. For digitization and automation, the introduction of smart software is unavoidable. The software brings systemization, orderliness, ease, and efficiency into the regular workflow.

How do you expect to smarten up and synchronize your workflow without exploring a feature-rich call centre tool?

A broader range of call centre software is circulating the market. No doubt it becomes a challenging task to decide on which software to rely upon for reaping the desired benefits.

In this blog, we will mention the names of the best web-based call centre software that comes engineered with a range of attractive features.

Why Web-based tools?

We have enlisted all web-based software here. It supports accessibility across a range of devices for users. Integrations with other existing and new3 systems become a hassle-free task.

Web-based tools favour scalability and flexibility significantly. Also, it greatly supports customization. Data protection is always tight.

7 Top-Notch Call Centre Software

It is a fully integrated SaaS, web-based call centre software. A free version is unavailable but it offers a free trial. Deployment options include cloud, and mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android).

Automating the Appointment, Account and Availability management becomes possible. Agents can easily log, route, and record the calls now with Zendesk.

It is available with call centre management and a blended call centre. Alerts or Escalations are available.

Salesforce Service Cloud
Once you invest in this call centre software, you don’t need any sort of support centre at all. It is a SaaS web-based feature-rich tool, available with a free trial option. There is no free version available though.

Salesforce Service Cloud comes with a dashboard, live chat, surveys & feedback, a self-service portal, and performance metrics. Users can monitor the network.

It supports multi-channel communication, automated routing, and customizable branding. Queue, SLA and ticket management are possible.

Zoho Desk
An ideal SaaS software for customer-centric companies, both a free version and free trial are available. Deployment options include Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone, and Android. A chatbot is present.

Call centre management becomes a hassle-free job with it. Call logging, call recording, and call scripting are possible. Users can manage appointments, accounts, and assignments readily with Zoho Desk.

Other noteworthy features it includes are automates routing, queue management, cataloging, escalations, messaging in real time etc. It supports canned responses, videos, self-service portal. One can collect data via multi-channels.

A FREE trial of this web-based SaaS software is available. The hallmarks include remote deployment, tech stack integration, channel management, and service security. Auto-dialer and VoIP are available.

Exotel automates call monitoring, call logging, call recording, call routing, and call scripting tasks. Call centre management becomes easy. Ideal for both the outbound and inbound call centres.

Queue management, campaign management, and text to speech features are mention-worthy here.

Genesys Cloud CX
It is an all-in-one cloud-based SaaS call centre software featuring an intuitive interface. Deployment options include Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Call logging, call monitoring, call recording, call routing, call scheduling, call scripting, and call disposition all are possible. The feature blended call centre, IVR, VoIP, and campaign-specific caller id come quite handy to the agents.

Multi-channel communication is possible. Genesys Cloud CX is highly effective in telemarketing management. Third-party integrations are available.

Call Center Studio
FREE version unavailable whereas a FREE trial is possible. It is a SaaS web-based call centre software, available only with a cloud deployment option. It comes with access controls and permissions.

Call Center Studio automates key call centre tasks like call recording, call routing, call scheduling, call scripting, call tagging, call monitoring, and call logging. Agents can manage call tickets, workflow, emails, and contacts at ease now.

Auto-dialer, archiving, and blended call centre options are available. There is also a self-service portal. Predictive, Preview and Progressive dialers are available.

It is a FREE web-based call centre software, loaded with an array of attractive features. Deployment options include Mac, Windows, Cloud, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad etc.

Notable features are account management, activity tracking, approval workflow, attendee management, attendance tracking, applicant tracking etc. The software is available with access controls.

ROI tracking is possible. Users receive newsfeed. Appointment scheduling is possible. Auto-dialer and auto-responders are available. VoIP, Voicemail, Virtual Call Centre, Outbound Call Centre, Inbound Call Centre etc and more are there.

A FREE trial is available, but there is no FREE version. Apart from contact or call centres, it is highly helpful for automating any remote businesses. The deployment option includes only the cloud.

Agents can record, route, script, transfer, log, and monitor the calls automatically. The software is available with IVR voice recognition, live chat, alerts, blended call centre etc.

The users get to benefit from manual, predictive, and progressive dialers. It supports real-time chat and has a CRM. Suitable for outbound call centres, queue management is possible.

Wrapping up…
These are the most sought after web-based call or contact centre software. The inclusion of any of these tools can ease, and enhance your telemarketing campaigns manifold.

Free versions are tough to avail of with all the essential features necessary to leave an impression. However, the options here are all available with a FREE trial for sure.

Please feel free to mention in the comment section below the names of other feature-rich software. We would love to get your feedback.

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