Customized Tactful Telemarketing Services to Score Sales or Source Data

Customized Tactful Telemarketing Services to Score Sales or Source Data

Directing marketing efforts online exploring the internet or better-utilizing voice marketing or services is quintessential for survival. Mahe Technologies is a reputed and reliable brand offering top-notch telemarketing services to a range of businesses, regardless of the type and size.

Undervaluing and ignoring the significance of new-age telemarketing solutions in trade will be a costly mistake. Lead generation and Sales calls both are popular types of telemarketing that maximum organizations are resorting to for Direct marketing to potential customers or clients, over the internet and telephone, features a personal touch that often yields favourable outcomes.

Let us understand here more about telemarketing and deepen our knowledge about it. Also, we will know why Mahe Technologies deserve the attention and how it does support businesses in their progress.

Telemarketing in Brief 

A popular form of direct marketing, Telemarketing involves initiating direct contact systematically and tactfully with potential customers/clients, employing telecommunication systems like telephone, and internet.

A vital sales asset for any business, the success rate of telemarketing campaigning depends significantly on the proper implementation of the techniques.

Major Categories of Telemarketing

Primarily, we have two prominent categories of telemarketing, namely Business to Business Telemarketing (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) Telemarketing.

B2C Telemarketing Companies


It involves marketing directly to the prospective customers or the end-users. In general, it is a skilled salesperson who is in charge here. B2C Telemarketing Companies UK aim at targeting the customers directly who are likely to use your services/products for personal or direct use.

This type of telemarketing does not require focusing on brand engagement as is necessary for the other telemarketing type. It is ideal for upselling (increasing product/service sales).


B2B is all about processing sales with other brands or businesses. It encompasses all the telemarketing efforts you put on dealing with an organization or a company rather than an individual. A proper hierarchy is here that one needs to follow. B2B telemarketing consists of prolonged sales cycles and it is never a one-step selling-buying process.

B2B requires nurturing the potential prospects more and tactfully for generating the leads. It is best for lead generation (collecting contacts and data).

The other two sub-categories are Outbound and Inbound. As clear from their names only, outbound is when you call customers and inbound signifies receiving calls (queries) from customers.

Need for Outsourcing Your Telemarketing

Casting a remarkable influence on lead generation, telemarketing continues to be popular among entrepreneurs across the world. The return on investment on B2B telemarketing is quite impressive.


One cannot compromise on the effort, expertise, and time necessary to invest in running an in-house telemarketing team. An experienced and skilled management board also is essential to set up for monitoring and supervising the actions of the telemarketers for perfecting the outcomes.

  • In-house telemarketing is an expensive affair compared to the outsourced telemarketing option you have.
  • Enjoy and benefit from customer support round the clock without having to go bankrupt.
  • Your organization can focus on other priorities and core tasks of the business by outsourcing telemarketing operations to the best telemarketing companies available. 
  • Your organization can get access to and benefit from the cutting edge technology of a ruptured telemarketing agency you collaborate with.
  • Expert quality monitoring by skilled quality analysts is possible that enables you to realize the market acceptance of your offerings.
  • It is a powerful tool to create and maintain your brand credibility.

These are the most prominent advantages your organization will get to facilitate via outsourced-telemarketing.

Let us now update ourselves with the recent trends in the telemarketing field that can add greater value to your telemarketing campaigns.


Evolving Trends in Telemarketing 

Roll your eyes on these 2021 telemarketing trends that are going to be game-changers in your telemarketing campaigns.

Growing Importance of Analytics in Telemarketing 

Prescriptive, Predictive, and Descriptive analytics all play crucial roles in the telemarketing domain. Each day a massive amount of data is generated that telemarketers need to deal with to derive meaningful insights.

How do you expect to achieve it without employing the analytic tools to analyze the ocean of data? Data mapping is crucial that analytics will help with.

Companies offering Data Enhancement Services also make good use of analytics.

Artificial Intelligence will Have a Say in Telemarketing 

Most definitely artificial intelligence will have a prominent role to play in telemarketing. Tech-savvy prospective clients/customers prefer opting for Speech Recognition Technology and other print-ready dictation techniques to associate with telemarketers.

Exploration and practical implementation of AI bots to automate response management tasks are steadily becoming popular. You need to assign domain experts to the customers only when more clarification or detailed data is desired.

Mahe: Does it Deserve Your Attention? 

A top-notch telemarketing service provider, Mahe Technologies has been a prominent brand worth banking upon in this sector.

We work with a dynamic team of highly trained telemarketers, embracing new-age top-line technology. They stay abreast with specialized domain-specific knowledge and are equipped with all the recent developments trending in the field.

Expect affordable telemarketing services from us, at Mahe. What else do you want when trained and experienced telemarketers are working on your telemarketing projects without upsetting your budget?

We thrive for excellence and pledge to offer telemarketing services to an excellent standard for the betterment of your brand. Mahe experts have been offering you warm and verified leads via telemarketing channels.

We curate the telemarketing packages for your organizations according to your marketing requirements and targets. It is crucial to conduct a detailed study and analysis of your business to determine what telemarketing elements to consider and how to shape the campaign.

Final Words 

Besides it, the service list includes other specialized but relevant services as well. We equally excel in product sales and appointment setting services. The experts here can draw the blueprint of the following steps necessary to opt for securing the targets you are planning through your telemarketing operations. Contact us to know what else you can expect from collaborating with us.

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