How the Best BPO Organizations Attempt to Secure Your Data

How the Best BPO Organizations Attempt to Secure Your Data

Safety and privacy are much talked about issues in an age where data is breached time and again by different organizations. The breach of data by conglomerates like Facebook has very recently shocked the world. At this time, the common people naturally would be concerned about the safety of the data that they share on any platform.

Data Protection in Telemarketing:

In the arena of telemarketing, the issues of data protection and privacy play a big part. Th agencies call their clients oftentimes to upgrade their database to call them back and give them better offers. They revert to you again by calling on your number.

When a telemarketing agency calls you for selling some item, it is up to them that they give importance to protecting your data in the best possible way. They should make sure that the sources of information are safeguarded well with a well-devised privacy policy.

Measures to Secure Data Privacy in Telemarketing:

Here, we will talk about the different measures taken by different telemarketing organizations to protect the data of individuals. You can know about the attempts taken by them to protect the important data from imminent threats from internal or external forces.

1. Recruiting Trustworthy Employees: One of the most important actions in a telemarketing company in the UK is recruitment. No matter which time of the year it is, you will find an agency constantly looking for fresh faces to induct into their teams.

The responsibility of the HR personnel in the agency lies in doing a background check of the interviewee. They should make attempts in ensuring the person is not from a competing company or does not have a criminal background.

2. Value-Added Training: A big responsibility on the part of the company remains to conduct value-added training for the new employees. Apart from inculcating them with the basics of telecommunication, they should also tell them some other important factors.

A Best BPO Organization always keeps a prepared privacy policy and takes effort to introduce these policies. The employees should also be made aware of the penalty of the breach of conduct and the mishandling of the client database.

3. Systematic Entry Clearance: BPOs should cash in gaining some technical assistance to ensure better protection to avoid any breach of privacy in the office campus.

The implementation of a biometric-based attendance system for agents, the inclusion of closed-circuit cameras and ensuring entry of only authorized personnel on the main floor will help to protect the sensitive data that the agency has under its holds.

4. Paperless Operation: This suggestion may seem like a distant dream, but it can be a very effective tool. A telemarketing agency operates on taking calls all around the day, so most of the work is done without the help of any paper.

The management should work on providing the new leads to the agents via their work Email. This will ensure zero loss, theft or handover of important data. Providing the leads in a physical form in a digital era is a backdated idea.

5. Prohibition of Personal Items on the Floor: Giving permits to the agents to use their devices, especially mobile phones can be an imminent danger to the privacy of the stored data.

Mahe Tech

A BPO should ensure that its employees do not use mobile devices like smartphones, Bluetooth devices or cameras in which the data can be stored. Not only does it reduce productivity in the workplace, but it also is a big threat to maintaining the security of the data.

Introducing a new employee to the company is a task that comes with a lot of responsibilities. Not everyone comes with malevolent intentions, but still, the best BPO organizations in the UK perform a screening to make sure the employee would not cause any harm to the company. How To Project Yourself Positively to Your Customers Over the Phone?

Telemarketing Requires Efforts:

The collection of corporate data of different businesses across the Union is a huge task that takes up a huge amount of time and effort. It is a big asset to the company, which they should try to protect by all possible means.

About Mahe Technologies:

If you are thinking of getting leads from a telemarketing company that takes all the safety measures mentioned above, you can try Mahe Technologies. It is a top telemarketing agency in the UK that takes serious efforts in gathering useful information about different business leads and client base.

Measures We Take:

We can assure you that we take measures to contain your provided data in a safe and secure place. We ensure to perform background checks of all our newly recruited agents, prohibit them from taking any personal belongings or items to the floor and maintain all the data security measures.

Our main work revolves around cold calling our prospects to initiate a sale of various types of products. We also call our consumers for B2C communication to take their information and add it into our database to give them a smooth telemarketing experience.

Feel Free to Communicate:

The concern behind the protection of the sensitive data provided by our business prospects and customers motivates us to take absolute measures. You can feel free to provide correct answers to all the questions that we ask you.

Contact Us Today:

If you want to know more about the B2B and B2C Telemarketing services we provide, you can visit our website today. You can find our contact details there, call us today to get a free quote and start a new business venture with us.

Final Words:

Maintaining the security and privacy of the data is a serious issue at a time like this. A large number of social media platforms and online shopping sites now ensure that they have a well-constructed privacy policy that secures all their data.

Most telemarketing companies now take data privacy issues in a serious light and try to find data-based solutions that can give results. So, when a telemarketing agent calls you next time, you can answer all the questions correctly.

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