How To Project Yourself Positively to Your Customers Over Phone?

How To Project Yourself Positively to Your Customers Over Phone?

Voicing a brand or a service over the phone is an art. This art is not something that one is born with. It is more of an acquired talent. With proper training and practise one gradually excels in this art of voicing a brand artistically for profitable collaboration.

Telemarketing Services enables the brand owner to promote and advertise the brand offerings directly to the prospects, situated anywhere. It is an interactive form of marketing.

Remember, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance here. If the customers are not willing to buy from you, you cannot market the offerings. Can you? It is thus crucial to ensure the telemarketing professionals succeed in

  • Infusing curiosity about the brand/service in your prospects
  • Making them feel comfortable to ask questions and clear doubts
  • Earning their confidence to convince them into sharing their details

The primary target is to initiate and continue engagement via conversation. It is fundamental to project a positive image via your over the telephone.

Professor Albert Mehrabian 7-38-55 Formula

Successful communication comes with a 7-38-55 formula, where 

Albert Mehrabian 7-38-55 Formula

  1. Spoken words count for 7%
  2. Voice Tone account for 38%
  3. Body Language matters 55%

Professionals of Telemarketing Agencies are well aware of the 7-38-55 Rule.  A few crucial factors are there to impact the image during a telephone conversation.

1. Vocal quality
The voice of the telecalling agent influences the quality of the call and determines the outcome significantly. A coarse voice often is a turnoff. Who would like to keep a discussion going on if the voice is grossly unpleasant?

This is a reason why female telecallers often succeed in the telemarketing domain. It might sound bad but it is a fact. A sweet, pleasant and confident voice is useful in winning over the confidence and holding the attention of the customer/client over the phone.

The quality of the voice needs to be pleasant, soothing to the ear, and clear enough to help the person on the other end of the phone understand it properly.

2. Vocal tone
It is a significant factor that will influence the outcome of a telephone call. The vocal tone of the telemarketers should be defined, warm, and comforting. The way you are using your mouth to pronounce words decides how your audible voice sounds.

To engage with the client/customer on the other end of the phone it is necessary that they understand you clearly and quickly. Over the phone, your vocal tone plays an important role in building clear communication between both parties.

You can convey an array of messages via your tone over telephone communication. Within the first few seconds only, your tone will communicate a lot about the company you are representing than you can ever imagine.

Using the correct tone of voice while interacting with the customers/clients is foundational for good telemarketing services.

3. Rate of speech
We all have experienced that we start talking a bit faster when we feel nervous or stressed. On the other hand, we talk very slowly when we feel shy and uncomfortable. Both are a strict No-No when it comes to talking to customers or clients over the phone.

Your Rate of Speech should be around 120 to 150 words per minute. The ideal rate is believed to be 140 words/minute.  Try to maintain your speech rate somewhere between 120 and 150 if not the 140-mark.  Try to maintain a pace that your clients will be comfortable at.

Stay calm, Smile, and Set A Positive Tone
4. Pitch of the tone
Too high a pitch can mar the main purpose of the call completely. It is crucial to create the right pitch for successfully rendering B2C Telemarketing Services. ‘How we say’ sometimes matters the most than ‘what we say.

Smiling during the call helps to maintain the tone pitch. It makes one realize whether telemarketers are taking a genuine interest in the person they are talking to. It is instrumental in holding the attention and enthusiasm of the person you are talking to over the person.

A low pitch voice makes the prospect feel as if she/he is too reluctant or tired to continue the communication. The tone pitch reveals the interest level of the caller prominently. It can amplify your scope to succeed in convincing the prospect over the telephone.

5. On-call Attitude
The Best BPO Organization properly trains their telemarketing agents professionals before allowing them to hit the floor and attend calls. The training program constitutes shaping up their voicing skill as per the professional standards. The attitude of the caller during the call matters a lot.

On-call Attitude is a factor that determines the outcome of the call to a large extent. The caller needs to keep the call engaging and answer or inform the prospect precisely, to the point.

Be confident and authoritative, without dominating the other person on the call. Do listen properly and give scopes to respond appropriately. Stay motivated and be motivating to the call recipient. A surefire way to command the attention of the prospect is to make your discussion revolve around her/his needs than focusing on your offerings solely.

These 5 factors are worth focusing on for winning over the prospects during a telephonic conversation. Candidates taking their baby steps in the telemarketing domain will benefit from keeping these factors in mind.

‘What to Do?’ in a Nutshell 

  • Understand what your customer wants and needs
  • Do not be robotic in your telephonic conversation
  • Do your homework properly and stay prepared to answer their questions
  • Maintain a confident, authoritative yet friendly tone all through the call.
  • Be quick to respond to the call and their queries
  • Seek permission of the client/customers politely before putting their call on hold.

Wrapping up…

Both the telemarketing newbies and professionals will do better keeping their services in tune with the elements discussed here. Remember, the prospect on the other end cannot see you and read your body language. It is your voice only that has to do the job successfully.

Hopefully, you found the information useful!

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