Key Metrics for the Best Telemarketing Companies to Measure Performance

Key Metrics for the Best Telemarketing Companies to Measure Performance

The success of a telemarketing campaign depends on several factors. The most important among them is to measure the overall performance after a regular interval. With some specific processes, you can see whether the campaign is going according to your expectation or not.

The Importance of Metrics:

A marketing exercise cannot go long without any analysis of performance. And it is very important for a campaign as important as telemarketing. The best B2C Telemarketing Services in the country measure this with some metrics specifically created for the telemarketing field.

Popular Metrics in Telemarketing Industry:

In this blog, we will discuss some of the important telemarketing metrics to measure the success of a campaign. The results that come after assimilating all these key factors give an idea of the success of the whole process to both the campaign creator (here, the agency) and the client.

  1. Sales Per Hour: This is one of the most important metrics in telemarketing, and as the name denotes, it measures the number of successful sales closed by an agent on an hourly basis. It generally denotes the performance of an individual agent, but it can be summed up to analyze the performance of a particular group too, for better analysis.
  2. Contacts Per Hour: This is the metric where the number of contacts attempted by a caller is measured on an hourly basis. All the contacts may not necessarily turn up to be a successful sale, but it is important that agents in your B2C Telemarketing agency contact as many prospects as possible. The number of people contacted during the day is directly proportional to the number of sales made.
  3. Average Talk Time: This allows you to see the average minutes one agent is spending on talking with a client. With this metric, you can see the gross performance of your agents while taking a call. The more your agent spends time talking with clients, the more opportunity for a successful sale is made. In case the number is low, you can update your training team for better inputs.
  4. Dials Per Hour: Dials per hour is a wholly separate metric from contacts per hour or sales per hour. When your agent dials the number of a client, it either will get connected or not. For the best telemarketing agencies in the UK, this number always remains on the high. Steady maintenance of DPH means a greater opportunity to close a sale.
  5. Conversion Rate: This is probably the most important metric for a B2C telemarketing service. It talks about the number of clients your agents talked to within the whole day, who turned in positively and became a new clients. It is measured by the total number of contacts divided by the number of sales.

These metrics act as a guiding factor for the success of a telemarketing service. If these numbers remain on the high, your company will stand a chance to generate more sales. All you have to do is to boost your lead generation team and get details about your prospects.

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Final Words:

We have discussed some of the important metrics that add up to the success of a campaign as well as a telemarketing company. You can follow these and get better results for your company.

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