Mahe Technologies Gained An Entrance Among the Best B2C Telemarketing Companies UK

Mahe Technologies Gained An Entrance Among the Best B2C Telemarketing Companies UK

Telemarketing enables your brand to reach out to your targeted audience even at a remote location. As long as you have a steady internet connection and telephone, telemarketers can reach them anywhere voicing your brand. B2C Telemarketing Companies UK help to propagate your brand to places where brick-n-mortar stores and traditional marketing tool fail to influence the audience.

Mahe Technologies is a renowned and reliable telemarketing company, operating in the field for a considerable timeframe. Embracing new age technology and complementing it with the sharp skill of experienced telemarketers, Mahe Technologies is steadily emerging as one of the most sought after b2c telemarketing agencies in the UK.


Telemarketing is an integral part of any commercial organization these days. It is a productive way via which the number of sales can reach your desired numbers quite quickly. Telemarketers and Telesales agents should not be confused with each other. The job responsibility of the former is to set and finalize appointments with prospects and telesales personnel directly aim at closing sales online or over the phone.

Telemarketing encourage business growth

Telemarketing encourages business growth and expansion by golfing the bridge between the business owners and the customer (read sellers and buyers) appropriately. An analysis of the reaction of the caller helps to predict their buying intentions for planning better engaging with them.

The traditional forms of marketing are more expensive and time-consuming. Telemarketing can minimize operational cost considerably. Also, receiving instant feedback becomes possible with telemarketing services.

Following up with the prospects for lead generation becomes easier via telemarketing. Outsource your telemarketing project to a reliable telemarketing agency if investing significantly in staffing and technology is a challenge for you.

Mahe Technologies implement and explore modern-day technology to the fullest for giving your business a competitive edge. Contextualizing a sea amount of data using AI and predictive analytics is into practice at Mahe. It allows you to get a deeper insight into the raw data and extract the information quintessential for formulating a winning strategy.

Latest Statistical Facts and Figures on Telemarketing Worth Knowing

  1. Around 13% is the call centre share for the service and technology sector globally
  2. More than 65% of both b2b and b2c companies prefer live chat for customer service
  3. Most popular customer service channels happen to be Online Chat and Telephone
  4. Businesses end up losing more than $70 billion due to poor customer service

It must be a welcoming piece of information for the readers here that Mahe also offers other relevant services, necessary for a robust online presence. A myriad of digital business solutions is on the offer list to add greater value to your business marketing campaigns.


eCommerce Services

Mahe Technologies is equally popular as a reliable and credible eCommerce Solutions Provider. Online transactions of goods and services electronically are eCommerce. During this pandemic, it is a bad idea to shop from physical stores due to the uncontrolled transmission of COVID-19. As people are more prone to shop online these days, accessing eCommerce solutions have become imperative for survival and expansion.

Market experts stated that these days eCommerce websites are experiencing a 10 times more increase in online traffic. Mahe Technologies offer a wide range of customized eCommerce solutions to suit your specific business requirements.

Online shopping quickens the transaction process. Marketing and advertising online also becomes an in-expensive affair and it does reduce the cost considerably. The availability of multiple payment methods further adds to the eCommerce advantages.

Mahe Technologies enjoy a competitive edge among its competitors because of its ability to offer out-of-the-box eCommerce solutions, depending on the marketing requirements of a brand. The tools we use and recommend come suitably engineered with features that can cater to your technical. Functional, and general requirements.

We offer a range of pricing models so that it does not financially stress our clients who seek our expert services. Our expert dynamic team knows how to pull your eCommerce site at the top of the SEO by offering you pro-grade customized eCommerce solution services.

Statistical Facts and Figures on e-Commerce You Must Know

Latest Statistical Facts and Figures on eCommerce Worth Knowing

  1. In 2021 we have around 14 billion online buyers worldwide
  2. Around 93% of internet users prefer purchasing products from online shopping portals
  3. More than 70% of online buyers rely on social media sites to make a purchasing decision
  4. Amazon receives around an estimated number of 2.0 billion visitors on a monthly basis
  5. WooCommerce and Shopify are amongst the most popular eCommerce software technologies.

Mahe technologies can also offer an array of other services. In the telemarketing and eCommerce domain, it is an undisputed provider of top-rated services.

The experts here make a detailed study of your business. It helps to develop a fair idea about the services and products offering of the brand. Most importantly, the marketing goals of the client needs to be crystal clear for formulating any marketing strategy and for shaping the marketing campaign for the client.

It is quintessential to analyse proper the market acceptance level of the brand that we at Mahe need to propagate among the targeted audience. Market research and database enhancement services are also on the offer list. Domain experts who can offer such specialized services add more value to the team with data that eases out the process of extracting useful information from a pool of unstructured raw data.

Customer surveys are yet another hallmark of our offerings. It helps to get a better understanding of how well the brand is perceived in the market. All these analytical data eventually helps to shape the marketing campaigns of brands that we advocate for.

Wrapping up

It is indeed natural for others to not invest their faith in just any telemarketing company without going through detailed research on their credibility. A lot many telemarketing agencies are cropping up like mushrooms and not everyone deserves your attention. Why Mahe deserves to attract it will be clear to one once collaboration happens and personally get to witness the leverage we bring to your online reputation.

Good luck and looking forward to collaborating with you!

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