Other Relevant Services By Mahe Technologies: A Telemarketing Agency

Other Relevant Services By Mahe Technologies: A Telemarketing Agency

Mahe Technologies is a renowned telemarketing agency worth collaborating with for various projects. It also offers a range of customized business solutions relevant to the telemarketing domain.

The experts here aim at growing and nurturing your business by representing it in a positive light. It becomes the initial point of contact for the prospects. How your business is being represented determines how will the targeted audience perceive your brand.

A professional telemarketing agency knows how to create a good impression on the targeted audience. It is, therefore, crucial to identify and approach a company that takes time to study your business and plan the actions accordingly.

Experts at the Mahe never neglect to understand their client’s requirements. It is necessary to adopt a coordinated approach for establishing a profitable rapport. The market reputation, rich experience in the industry, and an impactful portfolio of case studies are the hallmark of Best Telemarketing Agency 

Let’s take a quick glimpse of the services Mahe offers. We are discussing here only 3 services that Mahe offers besides telemarketing. These services are equally important to avail of for establishing your brand power in this highly competitive world of trade and commerce.

Customer Surveys 

It is a great way to collect customer feedback, fetching you useful information about how your targets perceive your brand. Gauge customer satisfaction and expectations via such surveys.

Why some of your targeted customers are switching to your competitors? Why do some of your existing customers suddenly leaving you? The answers are there in the customer feedback collected via customer surveys.

Mahe experts advise never to overwhelm your targets with feedback requests too often. Don’t irritate them. It becomes easier to conduct a survey when the purpose of doing it is well-defined. You need to be specific about the customer experience areas you want to improve.

Frame engaging, unbiased and crystal-clear short questions without using any confusing terms. Do not let it sound boring. Present them with a variety of questions. Give options to select from, including ‘skip’ and ‘others’. Do not try to limit their opinion in water-tight compartments.

There are several survey types and methods that need to be relevant to your goals, like Churn Survey, NPS Survey, and Customer Satisfaction Rating.

Market Research 

The process of gathering, analyzing and deciphering the data about your targeted customers, market, and competitors is market research. It is like collecting required and reliable information about the market as a whole.

The information is necessary to make important business decisions. It helps to build a customer’s profile detailing out the target market’s characteristics. It helps to know who your potential customers/clients are and what do they want.

Mahe market researchers highly advocate this practice to know the existing customer’s needs and anticipate future needs. The best way to spot emerging trends in any field is to conduct market research.

Different types of market researches are there, which includes competitor research, customer research, brand research, product research, customer segmentation research etc.

Best BPO Company

Social Media Marketing 

3.78 billion people globally are active on social media platforms. Mahe technologies is not just a reliable BPO company in Kolkata, offering telemarketing services only. The offering list is stretched by social media marketing as well.

Mahe social media experts can help you with more than just content creation. Responding and engaging with the audience on social sites is indeed crucial to stay in the limelight. Social media experts can guide you in it.

Chalking out a winning social media strategy and ensuring its proper execution is not a child’s affair. Content development, community management, monitoring paid socials, and doing ROI analysis are important to access. Social media marketing executives can help a brand owner with all these and much more

How Mahe Manages All? 

The agency runs a separate backend digital marketing team for rendering customized social media marketing services. It functions separately that that of the telemarketers and survey team. Supervised by the domain experts, expect only the best from the dynamic social media professionals here.

Mahe experts specialize in all the services it offers because every department has its domain experts to monitor the campaigns.

Outbound telemarketing or survey agents are not monitoring your email marketing campaigns. Also, none of them is entrusted with the responsibility to handle your social media projects. Social media executives look over their domain-specific projects.

It enables Mahe experts to execute their services with the utmost professionalism. No confusion, no substandard services.

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