Telemarketing Services & A Host of Other Specialized Ones

Telemarketing Services & A Host of Other Specialized Ones

Multiple companies are cropping up in the telemarketing sector, but not each of these agencies is worth relying on. Do not trust a company blindly and entrust your project with it. Mahe Technologies is popularly recognized as a reliable B2C telemarketing services provider across the UK. It delivers what it promises according to the unique requirement of a specific business.

Telemarketing involves the direct marketing of goods or services to the prospects over the telephone or using the Internet facility. These days the trend of telesales and telemarketing is increasing at an alarming rate.

Mahe Technologies- A Brief Introduction About B2C telemarketing services

B2B Telemarketing

Mahe Technologies is a top-ranked highly reliable telemarketing company that aims at making a long-lasting productive rapport with clients. Before initiating the planning and strategy formulation tasks, it devotes its time to understand your business and offerings first. 

All the services on the offer list come customized to specifically target and fulfill the goals that clients aspire to achieve. It specializes in B2C telemarketing services practicing a natural flow, without blindly following a script. Before a campaign goes live, it ensures to conduct a workshop with the client to better grasp the key messages necessary for propagating. 

Mature and productive conversation between two business persons for benefiting the targeted audience is what the company aims for. The company employs experienced callers who are respectful towards the clients and responsible for the projects. 

The utilization of state-of-the-art tools and technology facilitates maximizing the ROI of the leading clients it collaborates with. Starting right from the pre-sale stage to ongoing upgrades, the revenue-driven strategies do not fail. 

Apart from telesales or telemarketing services, it offers a diverse range of other relevant services. A few of these deserve a special mention here.

ECommerce Solutions Provider


Mahe Technologies also enjoys a distinctive status as a credible e-commerce solutions provider in the UK. It can help to monetize your site better with tailor-made e-commerce solutions. Crafting an e-commerce website that looks professionally posh and is easy-to-navigate requires years of expertise. The experts here can add to your site secured payment gateways like SecurePay, PayPal, CCAvenue, First charge, CitrusPay, BillDesk, etc.

Experience deepens the knowledge and technical understanding of the Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, PHP, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

Responsive Website Development

Responsive Website Development

3.5 billion people use smartphones across the globe. Hopefully, one does not need to explain to you why to opt for responsive website development services! Without it, smartphone users will not be able to view your site’s content appropriately. Mahe experts design for you an interactive mobile-friendly website that can automatically adjust its textual and graphical elements as per the device’s size. 

Our team of dynamic web developers is skilled in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding. It works with state-of-the-art tools including Bootstrap, PHP, jQuery, CakePHP, Drupal, Ruby on Rails, Django, Laravel, etc.

Custom Logo Design Services

Custom Logo Design

A company’s logo serves as your visual ID card that can offer a distinctive edge in the competitive sphere. Mahe graphic designers can offer custom logo design services mixing their sheer creativity and cutting edge technical aspects. 

The experts here have impressive computer skills. Also, they possess an in-depth understanding of the Adobe suite of products, including Photoshop, and InDesign, Illustrator.

Social Media Marketing Services

Mahe Technologies provides customized social media marketing services that best caters to your marketing goal on social sites. It facilitates attracting more followers, boosting engagement rate, ensure content development, community management and analyze & track ROI analysis. Social media marketing services are monitored by experienced professional experts. 

Mahe can help you realize your SMM objectives better with extensive experience in the industry and a strong portfolio of case studies. Mahe itself has a strong online presence on social media sites so creating one for yours is no challenge.


Mahe offers to help different types and sizes of businesses with its extensive experience in the domain. It can fetch you attractive scopes to fetch better business opportunities. Besides this, it offers a wide range of related services that can advantageous favor the growth of your business.

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