The Costs to Keep in Mind While Outsourcing B2C Telemarketing Services

The Costs to Keep in Mind While Outsourcing B2C Telemarketing Services

Outsourcing telemarketing services is a viable option that is used by most business owners. There are a few easier ways to keep in touch with prospects like telemarketing. However, it is detailed work and needs a fine communication approach which cannot be excelled by all. Hence, most businesses choose outsourcing BPO services.

Outsourcing Costs Less:

The moment we mention the term ‘outsourcing’, you can be sure that it would cost some extra money from your kitty. You should prepare a separate budget, brief the agency about your requirements and know well about the resources available in their team.

The cost structures of telemarketing:

If you are new in this block and do not have an idea of the price ranges of outsourcing B2C Telemarketing Services, you have landed in the right place. Here, we will talk about the different forms of payment services in telemarketing, along with an estimate of how much it may cost you for a month.

Brief About Forms of Telemarketing:

Before beginning, you need to get introduced to the forms of telemarketing, which are broadly two: Inbound and Outbound.

Inbound telemarketing is more about taking the calls of clients and answering their queries. Telemarketing and lead generation falls under Outbound telemarketing services. Naturally, the cost structure of both forms varies greatly on time, labour and location.

Inbound Costs:

The costs of inbound telemarketing can be broadly segmented into three parts; including:

  • Shared Calls: In this model, the client communicates with different agents, which is generally divided on a per-minute payment basis. The client can have many queries which cannot be answered by a single agent. Each agent would get their pay according to the duration they have talked with the clients.
  • Dedicated Calls: In this model, one client is dedicated among a group of agents. They are trained to communicate the problems of the clients and give them a solution. The outbound telemarketing agencies generally follow a ‘per-hour’ based payment to each of the agents in this case.
  • Monthly: This is the most basic plan followed by many businesses. They book the services of the telemarketing companies in the UK for a fixed period and pay them monthly. This generally avoids the complications of payment.

Outbound Costs:

Outbound call handling is much different than inbound, as a result, the payment structure is also different:

  • Hourly: Outbound telemarketing thrives mainly on B2C Communication, which is lead generation, outbound sales and appointment setting. For this type of communication, you have to pay every month to the agents. The amount, again, depends on the location.
  • Commission: This plan is like giving rewards for each sale. Whenever there’s a new lead or a new sale, you as a client give a certain amount of commission (generally 10-20%) to the hourly pay of the agent who has done it.
  • Combo: This generally costs more from a business point of view, but is effective for invoking better productivity to the agents. The hourly payment remains the same here, but you have to add some extra bucks for a commission per sale.

Well, there’s some cost management lessons for you, if you consider hiring an outbound B2C Telemarketing Service for your purpose.

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Wrapping Up:

Not only does the task of telecommunication needs good communication skill, but it also needs an active mind. Training your employees to possess such quality will cost you a fortune and will hamper other works. So, the best solution would be to hire an outbound telemarketing service who can do all for you.

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