Top Tips on Outbound Telemarketing: Telemarketers Pay Attention!

Top Tips on Outbound Telemarketing: Telemarketers Pay Attention!

Telemarketing is taking the marketing sector by storm and we cannot question its popularity. It is obvious because of its undeniable contributions towards stretching the scope to sell better.

A personalized and highly interactive way to market your offerings, it hardly goes topsy-turvy. Voicing your marketing efforts and convincing the targets to be your paying customers is an art. Top telemarketing company in the UK assign such artists to handle your project.

Outbound professional telemarketers are trained to influence the purchasing decision of the targets. So, what telemarketing is all about? Let’s brush up your understanding of it.

Understanding Telemarketing 

Telemarketing involves marketing your brand offerings directly to the targeted customers over the phone or using the internet. It is a highly cost-effective marketing campaign that can fetch a higher ROI.

A highly interactive way to market services/goods on an one-to-one basis. It is a highly efficient marketing tool, especially for small business owners and startups.

Remember, telemarketing is in practice not only for selling products/services. It is also a viable channel available to collect leads and extract information.

Reputable BPOs delivering telemarketing solutions can be of huge help if running an in-house team seems challenging.

If any of you are not fully aware of what a BPO stands for, check our blog on BPO Company Explained in Detail. 

Prominent Advantages

There are several worth a mention here. We will wrap it off with a few, the most eminent ones in this blog.

  • It involves human involvement so tends to be more effective than other marketing methods.
  • It saves time, and money. So, it is an ideal way to market offerings for small business owners and startups. Look for affordable telemarketing services. 
  • It is a highly efficient tool to offer a high-level of customer support and service
  • A direct and flexible form of marketing it is.
  • Analyzing the KPIs becomes easier via this method.

Can There Be Any Disadvantages? 

Everything comes with both pros and cons. There are a few disadvantages, rather limitations, which we can mention here.

  • Offshore telemarketing sometimes tends to be a pricey affair.
  • Some people hang up the phone on receiving calls from telemarketers
  • Government implements strict measures to keep a check on cunning telemarketing activities.

When we weigh the advantages against the demerits of telemarketing, we see the former outsmarts the latter. Its advantages are too many to not consider it for promoting/marketing brand offerings.

A Lucrative Job Choice for Many 

Several young professionals are inclining heavily towards telemarketing. Many do it on a part-time basis. Telemarketing is an art of voicing a brand and requires a special set of skills to master. It is not like telesales.

In a telesale, you initiate and close a deal over the phone or the internet only. Telemarketing is more about collecting information that helps to spot newer opportunities. For example, a maximum number of telemarketing professionals do market research, and lead generation. They are not hired to make sales.

This blog aims at enumerating here some tips on successfully carrying out as an outbound telemarketer. These will help young telemarketing professionals achieve their targets skilfully.

Let us know what these are-

Have a Script, Don’t Follow it Blindfolded 

It is always advisable to keep with you a small script and refer to it (most telemarketing agencies will provide you with one). You can prepare the opening lines or the salutation speech.

Telemarketers Do's & Don'ts

It is like your guide on how to initiate the conversation with your potential clients. Do not parrot phrase the lines. Do not follow it blindfolded. It is a guide that shapes the style and pattern of your conversation.

If ever you get stuck, you can refer to the script, outlining precisely what you need to say.

Pronounce Clearly and Speak Slowly 

Try to resist your urge to showcase the client how well-versed you are in a specific language. Do not start speaking very fast. Top telemarketing agency in the UK suggests working upon maintaining a normal rate of speech.

The ideal rate of speech is 140-160 words per minute. Speaking very slowly and speaking very fast both are major turn offs for your clients on the other end. International clients will tend to be even more impatient.

Bad pronunciation and poor rate of speech gives a very poor impression of your business. Clients will take fewer seconds to hang up on you.

Try to pronounce each and every word appropriately. Clear pronunciation and medium-paced conversation help to win over the clients. It convinces them to listen to you till you end the call on a positive note.

Keep Useful Data Handy and Stay Informed 

Clients you are calling to might have several queries that you need to satisfy. If you are not prepared to furnish them with correct information, you are not ready to handle calls yet.

Outbound telemarketing professionals cannot always route the calls to their seniors for answering simple questions. Until and unless it is a serious complex one, deal with it on your own.

Talk through their concerns. Keep essential pieces of data systematically stored and documented. Refer to that if you must. Educate yourself with necessary details.

Else, you might cause your organization to lose prospects for your mistakes.

Strategize to Pass By the Gatekeepers Smartly

This tip is especially effective for those who are managing B2B telemarketing projects. The receptionist or the personnel at the frontdesk are trained and instructed to avoid telemarketing calls. They are the gatekeepers.

Know how to pass by them and reach the managers and other big shots tactfully. One trick that will work is to call them at an hour when receptionists generally do not work.

Managers, Supervisors, and others in managerial posts generally arrive early and stretch post working hours.

Don’t be Rude Even If They Are!

A telemarketing professional knows it very well as they are trained to keep their nerves cool and words sweet. Clients might raise their voice and you might have every reason to reciprocate, but do resist it!

Once you also start losing your temper and act, you give them the scope to talk ill of your brand.

Negative publicity and rumours spread quicker than you can imagine. Try to end the call politely.

Final Words…

These are basic yet most important tips to act upon for improving your telemarketing skill. No matter which category of telemarketing you are professionally associated with, the suggestions here will help.

You might already be employed in a reputed telemarketing agency. So, why don’t you share your views on the tips given here?

Let us know what keeps you going in this competitive professional field in the comment section below.

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