What To Ask a B2C Telemarketing Agency For Your Business?

What To Ask a B2C Telemarketing Agency For Your Business?

As you know, the impact of telemarketing is immense, no matter what kind of business you are indulged in. Telemarketing with the right kind of staff and technical assistance can open the right doors for you for a smooth way of doing business.

Telemarketing is one of the basic marketing exercises with which you can reach more customers within a short time. The only things that are needed in this are skilled voice operators, targeted results and technical assistance.

Some Facts of Telemarketing:

If you are wondering how can a telemarketing agency be of your help, here are some quick tidbits:

  • Millions of telemarketers are engaged around the world for this job
  • It can take you to the right customers at the right time
  • Telemarketing is a continuous process and is prone to trial and errors
  • Telemarketing and lead generation are two simultaneous things, and both will be beneficial for your business
  • After the initial phases of rejection, you can sell your first product via telemarketing
  • However, after the first sale, you will see an upward surge in sales

Choose Your Agency Wisely:

When selecting an agency of your choice, you should not always judge the face value. That is to mean that you should not believe the facts and figures that they may present to you. You must ask numerous times about the service they provide and what benefits they can give.

Signing a long term deal with a B2C telemarketing service without asking the basic questions may result in a blunder for your promotional activities. Here, we will attempt to point out the questions that you should ask before choosing your partner for telesales.

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Questions That You Should Ask:

1. What is Your Specialization?

It is better to know the field of business or brand that your telemarketing agency works on. Asking this question will give you expectations and results of the kinds of help that can be provided by the agency.

Say, if your agency focuses more on medicinal products like weight loss machines and pills, they will not be able to help you with generating leads for computer components. The training and communication processes are done by them differently, which cannot match with your business needs.

2. How many usages of Telemarketing Script is done here?

While telemarketing with a script is nothing sinister, the agents must know that there’s a difference between learning the script by heart and reading out the script sentence by sentence. The latter gives a sense of interactive communication, while the former murders the customer interest and prompts them to put down the call.

If your agency only trains its agents with a communication script, then you can hire them for your purpose. This means that they will garner interest in their communication and hook your potential buyers.

3. How Often the Results Get Scanned?

Most of the B2C Telemarketing companies in the UK focus on showing the achieved results after a week or a month. It not only shows how your campaign is going, but it also acts as a morale booster for the telecallers.

If you book an agency that does not believe in publishing reports or take track of how things are going, you may safely assume that it is just a waste of your precious money and time.

However, make sure that your demand for regular reports does not prick your agency. It will be hard for them to focus on the main work in that case.

4. Are there any target-based incentive systems in your agency?

While some of the companies follow this policy to encourage their workforce to take more calls way more than their target for a stipulated time, it may affect you dearly with the quality of calling.

If you work with an agency that follows a bonus for taking more calls, it may result in monotonous promotional campaigns, where the agents would not engage much with the consumers that matter to you the most, for reaching their targets faster.

5. How is the employee turnover?

This may seem an out of syllabus question, but asking this is important. If your telemarketing company believes in turning the workforce up without noticing the realities of their current employees, it would mean that they do not value experience.

It would be wise to refrain from working with an agency like this and switch over to somebody who has fresh faces and experienced workhorses in the same proportion. This would add value to your telemarketing campaign.

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It is A Basic Need:

We can guarantee that asking these questions to your telemarketing agency would not be a sign of smugness. It is some of the basic questions that should be a concern for all business providers.

About Mahe Technologies:

If you are wondering which telemarketing agency can answer all positives for these basic questions, it would be Mahe Technologies.

We are a renowned B2C telemarketing service provider in the UK who can provide an answer to all your queries regarding telemarketing campaigns. We will provide the best plans that would suit your purpose and deliver you awesome results.

Our Qualities:

We have some of the best qualities that help us to give the best service to you:

  • We train our agents for creating a global delivery system
  • Our team focuses on hard work and shows you the results regularly
  • We believe in improving the quality of work rather than blindly increasing numbers
  • Our calling system can hand you more customers from the first day itself

You can visit our website to see more about our services. We can make settings for appointments, enhance the existing data and generate better leads for you through our talented team.

For doing better business, you should always think of Mahe Technologies. Give us a call to get an estimate of our works.


Asking the questions that we have discussed here are very vital if you are looking to increase your numbers and take the high road towards success. So do not fear getting judged and go ask the questions to your telemarketing agency.

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