What is The Difference Between B2B and B2C Survey Process?

What is The Difference Between B2B and B2C Survey Process?

Market research is the most important pillar of developing your business. But before starting any survey, it is always necessary to decide your target audience. The methods of surveys are always set according to the type of audience. To accomplish business goals, various types of surveys need to be conducted. But before that one should also understand the basic differences between B2B and B2C surveys, and how a business can be benefitted from these surveys. 

What is a B2B survey and what is a B2C survey?

The word B2B means business-to-business survey. In this type of service normally the business professionals are targeted throughout the industry and the survey professionals try hard to arise interest in a product or service for securing a purchase. Sometimes it is also requested to provide feedback. 

The B2C survey process means business to customers surveys. It targets generally normal people for selling products or services. The questions remain normally connected to the experience of using particular products. In the end, it will be mandatorily asked for feedback. The entire survey remains focused on the customer who is responsible for making the final buying decisions. 

Significant Differences Between B2B and B2C Survey 

  • The market research methods 

B2B and B2C survey processes demand different types of market research methods. B2C research depends on the consumer panel while B2B research can’t rely on the consumer panel as they require more defined knowledge. The consumer recruiting process is suitable for the B2B survey. 

  • Different Types of Audience

The B2B survey targets business professionals and their business knowledge while the B2C survey focuses on the individual consumer and their preferences. The B2C survey process has to deal with a large section of people and little expertise. On the other hand, the B2B survey has limited consumers but demands a high level of expertise and knowledge.

  • Types of Information Collected 

A B2C survey collects information regarding the satisfaction of a particular consumer by using any particular product if he/she is willing to recommend it to others or not and their purchase intention. The B2B survey will not influence their decision-making process. It doesn’t deal with particular preferences, loyalty or satisfaction. 

  • Required Time 

A B2B survey takes more time than a B2C survey. A B2C survey process deals with numerous clients and personal likings, dislikes and preferences which is less detailed than the required information of B2B.  a B2B survey needs to cover all the aspects of a business, so generally, it demands more time to be more precise.

Final Words 

Business needs information to grow and nothing can beat the power of a survey that gives you the most accurate information that you required. Being an entrepreneur you just need to decide what type of survey is suitable for you. Your decision is the ultimate stepping stone of your success.


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