Some Factors That Lead to Dynamic eCommerce Website Solution

Some Factors That Lead to Dynamic eCommerce Website Solution

If you have been using the internet for ages, it is impossible that you have not heard about eCommerce websites. The term eCommerce gives the impression of an image that you can buy or trade, the two main pillars of trade through an online domain.

While some of these facts are true, eCommerce is much more than this.

Firstly, you cannot simplify it by buying and selling goods online. Online eCommerce platforms are a large conglomerate through which you can do everything. Website hosting and designing have to get done in a manner that caters to the needs of the average internet users.

Trivia About eCommerce:

Here are some trivia that you may need to understand the basics of eCommerce:

  • Online shopping and eCommerce is not something new
  • An eCommerce solutions provider has to keep in mind a number of things before designing a website
  • 80% of the internet users currently use eCommerce sites
  • As of 2012, the average order value of Amazon.com, the greatest e-retailer in the world is $47
  • The valuations in an eCommerce website do not grow by magic
  • Social media is again an important tool in making people aware of shopping
  • More than half of the internet users browse eCommerce websites from their mobile phone

From the above points, you can understand the immense popularity and importance of eCommerce websites. If you are planning to design one of your own, you have to keep in mind the technological factors.

Factors Behind Successful eCommerce:

Without proper web hosting, payment gateway and web designing, an eCommerce website solution cannot be provided. And all these functionalities require a great deal of time. It is not possible to create a website for online transactions without waiting for a while.

Factors Behind Successful eCommerce Service

Here, we will attempt to tell you the important factors that work behind constructing an online shopping website. These factors are all important and can make or break a website that deals with eCommerce.

1. Proper UI and UX: When designing an eCommerce website, you should always remember the worth of UI and UX. You have to make your website customer-friendly so that the customers can get the best experience in shopping from your website.

You should always add things that, according to you, will work as a guiding factor to the customers. No matter how simple it seems, you should always add features like ‘Bookmark’, ‘Add to favourites’, ‘Share to others’ so that the buyers can get a fantastic shopping experience.

2. Usage of Images: Without proper images, your online shopping website is nothing but a monotonous yellow pages book that would not be visited frequently by your target customers.

The usage of bright images not only acts as a beautifying factor in eCommerce website solutions, but it is also important for determining your rank on the search engines. If your customers cannot find the website within the first few ranks, they will either be attracted by some other eCommerce site or would not care to scroll down for more.

3. Proper Payment Gateway: Though most of the leading online shopping websites offer cash on delivery to cater for those who are not comfortable with card payments, they also have a payment gateway that is safe, secure and glitch-free.

You will also have to coordinate with your eCommerce solutions company to provide a safe and secure payment gateway so that more of your consumers can pay the money through their debit cards, credit cards and e-wallets. If the payment gateway cannot guarantee safety and simplicity, it will discourage the customers from continuing business.

4. Search Engine-friendly: You have to market your site well before it catches other’s attention. Search engine positions are a definitive factor behind the success of a website. So, you may want to tell your backend team to design a roadmap to reach the top position.

Your eCommerce websites should contain suitable keywords in the web contents that would enable the factor to rank up higher. You have to position it in such a way that your customers view your website first.

If you follow these factors while creating your eCommerce website, you will get some amazing results.

To get better services, you have to contact a well-known eCommerce solutions provider. A company that can give you the proper team who can guide you to create your website and also rank it to the top position of the search engine.

About Mahe Technologies:

You can find it all in one place only at Mahe Technologies. We are one of the premier names in constructing online shopping websites that can grab the attention of the customer and prompt them to purchase goods from it.

We work on various platforms that help us construct a well-developed eCommerce website:

  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • WooCommerce
  • OpenCart
  • PHP

These platforms ensure that the website that we create is free from any glitches and is modern in design so that it needs less attention to maintenance. When it comes to establishing a secure and fast payment gateway, we use software like:

  • PayPal
  • SecurePay
  • CCAvenue
  • BillDesk
  • CitrusPay

Our Customer Services:

When you contact us, you can be assured of a fast and responsive eCommerce website that will operate on all platforms. We also stress on the importance of mobile devices. So you can be absolutely sure that your website will smoothly run on all types of mobile devices.

Our staff are very skilled in their work and have been doing this for quite a long time. You can be assured of getting the exact thing you want.

Final Thoughts:

No matter which product you deal with, eCommerce will absolutely change your perception of doing business. You can widen your reach to the global market as the internet knows no bound. Find the best solutions with us at Mahe Technologies.

The factors discussed here are very important when it comes to continuing an online business for transaction and shopping. So you have to keep these factors in mind while developing your site. Only then you can feel the growth of your business and widen the horizon.

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