The Importance of Data Analytics in Outbound Telemarketing

The Importance of Data Analytics in Outbound Telemarketing

The world is full of data, big data and small data, everything is revolving around the data in this modern era. Many big and small enterprises depend on these data to plan and make decisions accordingly. As the world of telemarketing depends on figures, surveys, data, and statistics, it is important to analyze them properly.

Without proper analysis of these data, it is of no use. Data can be used to get an idea of a lot of things in your business, that is why the big Telemarketing Agencies opt for it. If implemented properly, Data Analytics has a lot of power to predict the behaviour of the prospect.

What Is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is a systematic computational analysis of data on the basis of their pieces of information. Later these data are used by the Telemarketing Companies for interpretation, communication, and discovery of meaningful patterns in data. So that they can be used for effective decision making. 

It is basically a process that is an essential part of a business. The Outbound Telemarketing managers know that sales and lead generation of their companies are dependent upon quality data. But that is not all. These data need to be analyzed and accessed to take strategic action on the right metrics. That is when Data Analytics comes in handy.

Types of Data Analytics

Depending on the types and characteristics, Data Analytics is divided into these four parts – 

  • Descriptive Analytics – These are the data that will help you to know about what happened in the past. It helps an organisation to understand its performance by providing context to help stakeholders interpret important informations.
  • Diagnostic Analytics – This is an extended version of the descriptive analysis. In diagnostic analytics, the root of the cause is analysed in a business. Why will it happen? Some of the processes include data discovery, data mining, etc.
  • Predictive Analytics – Predictive analysis is nothing but a prediction about your businesses future. What will happen next? The process includes analysis of historic data and following the key trends and patterns through a machine learning model.
  • Prescriptive Analysis – It takes predictive analytics to the next step. As the data are predicted that what will happen in the future, prescriptive analytics is used to track the metrics of what should be done to cope up with all these.

Telemarketing Analytics and Types

Telemarketing Analytics is nothing but a tool that is used to examine several service matrices such as call quality process efficiency, call time, and CSAT. This helps the Best Telemarketing Companies to prepare better plans as well as decisions for better CX.

There are a lot of Analytic tools for companies to polish their CX. Some of the most common tools are – 

  • Text Analytics – The text analytics tool is used to realize the interests and liking of people through texts. When combined with social media, it can be much more beneficial for a business.
  • Speech Analytics – This is one of the most efficient methods. One can achieve remarkable success by analysing to assessing calls in real-time.
  • Desktop Analytics – It is used to track the employees desktop activities by software to increase productivity as well as help them with the whole process by making it easier.
  • Self-Service Analytics – It helps to improve the CX using self-service channels like the internet as well as collective viewpoints. It reduces the chances of errors as well as company costs.
  • Cross-Channel Analytics – Cross-channel analytics has become a necessity for every call centre. It enables to spot the channels used by users to get in touch with a company.

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