Customer Database Enhancement

Add customer demographic data and business firmographic data to vastly increase the value of your customer information file.
Build value added flags for ‘recency’ and frequency of customer purchase and other behaviors to better understand your customers.
Create custom user-defined variables to support business needs (customer status, lifetime value, likely next product, rank, or others), depending on available data.
Our Data Warehouse isn’t providing the data we require for customer marketing analysis.
Our custom marketing Data Marts add the customer data you need to what’s available from your EDW.
We have lots of customer history to analyze but we’re not deriving useful knowledge from it.
mahe technologies’s deep knowledge of customer behaviors allows us to create value added variables such as marketing status, propensity to add products, likelihood to attrite, channel preferences, etc.
We don’t have sufficient demographic or “firmographic” information about our customers or we’ve bought 3rd-party data but we can’t usefully link it to our customer information files.
mahe technologies’s longstanding relationships with top providers of business data along with our proprietary matching technology allow us to provide you the most in-depth customer knowledge possible