Mahe Tehnologies Pvt Ltd  Opinion UK is one of the biggest generator of survey data through our inhouse lifestyle survey and if you looking to get the best return on investment then look  Mahe’s lead generation service is the ultimate solution for you all . Our dedicated team bring experience and innovation to make sure that you interact with your customers at the right moment with the appropriate product, maximising your sales opportunities.Mahe team take time to understand both your product offering and your company. Through appropriate questioning, we will deliver you a continual supply of quality leads suitable for follow up by telephone, mail, email or SMS. Consumers receive a desired response that is timely and targeted to their needs which is convenient and relevant.

Mahe Technologies Pvt. Ltd has been working on UK consumer survey that is popularly known as Opinion UK for  a long time with a 100 seat capacity call centre based in the heart of Kolkata, India. The emphasis is to provide a high quality lead generation service at very reasonable rates that meets the compliance and target market of our UK customers. Our dedicated accounts and compliance team work closely with our customer on the question wording so they get desired response and this does not add to the product cost . We believe in consistency of the orders rather then just having once or twice that is why we are very reasonable.

Please call our accounts team on 292 125 7892 to discuss the best possible rates and prices

Also to opt out please call 2921255786 or email info@mahetechnologies.com or to get  more details please visit our compliance and complaint procedure page http://mahetechnologies.com/compliance/

Soon we would also be having a completely different website related to survey data Opinion UK and team is working on it .

We also have a completely different website related to survey data Opinion UK. And below is the link for it    http://opinionuksurvey.co.uk/