A statement of fact is that people are unique. Messaging that might work for one potential voter, may not be effective for the other. This is why crafting your political, non-profit or organizational marketing programs only works when you have accurate market research provided by a professional marketing research company. For the past five years, Mahe Technologies has established ourselves as leaders in providing political market research for campaigns of all size, scope and political affiliation.

Our customized market research solutions have guided strategy, increased exposure, and provided insight for hundreds of business and political campaigns. We have developed our polling software and market research systems specifically for campaign managers and volunteer teams. We understand exactly what you need to get the job done and supply you with the proper tools to achieve political success.

Our Market Research Services Offer AUTOMATED Telephone Polling Systems, Professional Pollers, and Robocall Surveys

Telephone polls are designed to be effective, efficient, and affordable.
Professional pollers understand how to ask questions, and which questions to ask, in order to obtain unbiased answers. Volunteers conducting polls often lead the voter to answer a certain way. Biased polling is not useful to candidates because the information is not accurate.
Robocall Phone Surveys use cutting-edge technology to gather valuable information for the candidate. We deliver surveys that use a consistent voice and tone, which ensures all respondents to receive the same information the same way. We also ensure the questions are worded properly and do not lead the voter to respond in a particular way. This creates valuable and accurate information on how voters feel.

Through the use of Interactive Voice Recognition technology we create automated polls that can cost one-fifth the price of live, call center agents. These savings allow you to poll larger groups more frequently, which can provide real-time market research data to better guide your campaign.

Typical political polling monitors and measures public response to breaking news or new issues coming to the media’s attention. The information complied through accurate public opinion polls activated through Gravis Insights enables you to adjust your message to address new and changing concerns of the public. This is the new way to collect accurate market research.